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Collaborative Consulting

We don’t make products, we help clients make products business relevant, consumer friendly, and easy to use. Throughout the development life-cycle, from definition through implementation, BTI provides collaborative consulting services to clients and their teams to empower their users and satisfy their customers.

Analysis & Design

Organize Information, features, functions, and applications into a meaningful, aesthetically pleasing representation of interaction. By making users part of the creation process, you can perfect a project before it's launched and save precious time and money.

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Evaluation & Research

At every stage of the development process ensure that your product is meeting its requirements, error and problem free. Identify obstacles and synthesize user vetted solutions.

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Through the hands on approach of the mentoring model, each client will gain insight BEYOND learning; An experience based tutorial.

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Plan your business' evolution to achieve a better ROI by understanding your audience, focusing on business relevant goals, aligning your products to a mission, and developing functionality that satisfies clients and users.

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