Websites & Portals


Websites Final

At the Intersection of Users and Systems

Portals are specially-designed websites that bring information together from diverse sources, in a uniform way, within a single system. One advantage of a portal is that each user type can have personalized renderings and content/functions based on their specific needs, tasks, job roles and permissions. These customized experiences allow for centralized information resources — which share features, functions and activities. There are many ways that BTI can help clients who are developing or improving a portal:

  • Conduct vision workshops with stakeholders and user groups to identify issues and potential solutions
  • Develop requirements that ensure that the various user groups’ needs are met
  • Improve upon existing processes, architecture and applications for consistency, efficiency, effectiveness
  • Define and diagram an interaction for each user group based on an alignment of business goals and user interface
  • Evaluate existing systems and validate solution concepts
  • Propose solutions, features, functions and capabilities based on the users’ discovery process
  • Harness design to focus and guide users through intuitive user interactions
  • Build more measurable site interactions that directly target specific user communities based on their interests, needs and tasks
  • Create analytics-driven marketing campaigns to maximize engagement results
  • Attract visitors and build loyalty through better customer engagement