Interactive Devices


Interactive Devices Final

Create a User - Friendly Experience

What is it that makes users choose one device over another?  Is it the aesthetics?  Is it the particular functionality that it offers?  Is it the way that a user is able to interact?  Ease of use? Relevance? The answer is that it may be a combination of all these elements. You need to apply a balance of quantitative and qualitative methods to study your users interacting with your products, systems or apps. Then, gain the competitive edge by adapting the design to users’ perceptions, motivation, and performance.

  • Competitive benchmarking studies: Identify the users’ preferences, the qualities, characteristics and rationales among competitive products.
  • Observational studies: Follow users performing real work with the app or device; identify time on task, failure and error rates, areas of confusion, ease of navigation and cross-channel effectiveness.
  • Product discovery:  Presenting paper concepts, product mock-ups or ideas and have the target user “try it out.”
  • Ongoing product feedback: Conduct surveys to ensure timely detection of obstacles to satisfaction and successful performance.