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Business Information Systems are the foundation and backbone of every company. The term, “information system” refers to a broad range of software systems that support businesses by performing transactions, storing relevant data and supporting internal work processes or external retail transactions with customers.

Information systems are your digital assets, the platforms that you use to manage your operations and employees, disseminate information, track inventory and finances, maintain relationships, interact with your customers and suppliers and compete in the marketplace.

Media- savvy businesses use information systems to reach out to potential customers with targeted messages over the Web.  Whether your software or system is off the shelf or proprietary, by understanding how your users interact with  key features,  their time on task, error rates and perceived difficulty, we can help you identify opportunities  to streamline the process and get the work done more efficiently and more effectively.

At the Beginning of a (Clean Sheet) BIS Project

  • Beyond the Interface will engage key stakeholders to understand:
    • The nature of the business, strengths and weaknesses, areas of concern
    • The user communities and their needs
    • Tasks to be performed by each
    • Relevant system features and capabilities
  • Work with each user community to understand their challenges and the issues with the current process
  • Propose concepts that perform the needed functions
  • Create wireframe renderings and conduct user sessions to obtain feedback
  •  Conduct product disc features

Existing Software or Applications

  • Conduct a heuristic assessment
  • Observe staff as they perform key functions
  • Identify areas of desired improvement, difficulty or complication, excessive task time or number of steps

Once Defined, BTI Will:

  • Develop concept models
  • Execute rapid prototyping
  • Define and specify the interaction steps and
  • Validate the concept and interaction design
  • Work with your designers or our associates to define the structure, layout, branding and appearance of the interactive elements

During Development and Build

Beyond the Interface will ensure that the system maintains integrity with the requirements through:

  • Conducting usability testing
  • Rapid Iterative/Incremental Testing
  • Performance Validation
  • Hybrid User Acceptance/Usability Testing

We work with system architects to ensure that the defined system meets the business needs while enabling functions to support user tasks. As added value, we provide consultation to ensure that the results are effective, intuitive and easy to use.

BTI has experience with a variety of business systems including:

  • Data warehouses
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Enterprise systems
  • Expert systems
  • Geographic information systems
  • Global information systems
  • Office automation
  • Business process support
  • Retail shopping and purchasing
  • Wholesale order management
  • Inventory control
  • Content management