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What sets BTI apart?
Each client relationship that BTI engages in is a collaborative, iterative, integrated experience at every level.
BTI will ensure that the approach and solutions meet each clients' needs and expectations. Whether through customizing a tailored project plan based on a client's unique needs or by crafting a plan that incorporates budget friendly accommodations that will provide a mentoring engagement, BTI will guide each client to their goal.
BTI performs accurate and intuitive assessments, measuring results both qualitatively and quantitatively by measuring performance and perceptions against an idealized (optimal, planned) model of expected behaviors and results.
When BTI completes your project, we leave something of value behind: An understanding of the process, confidence that the project was done right, insight into your business and solutions and transferable knowledge that enhances your skill set.
Through the hands-on approach of the mentoring model, we help our clients gain insight BEYOND learning.
Plan your business' evolution to achieve a better ROI by understanding your audience, focusing on business relevant goals, aligning your products to a mission, and developing functionality that satisfies clients and users.
Organize Information, features, functions, and applications into a meaningful, aesthetically pleasing representation of interaction. By making users part of the creation process, you can perfect a project before it's launched and save precious time and money.
At every stage of the development process ensure that your product is meeting its requirements, error and problem free. Identify obstacles and synthesize user vetted solutions.